Kaolin Clays

Kaolin Clay for Paper & Board

Fast Traders is proud to be the market leader for supplying of Kaolin Clay for Paper & Board Industries in Pakistan.

Kaolin Clay is primarily composed of the mineral kaolinite, that is in the form of minute separated particles. It is among the most extensively used materials in the filling and coating of paper. 

Its usage includes the improvement in paper appearance in
terms of smoothness, gloss, opacity and brightness, in addition to the most important one; printability.


Origin: USA   &   Brazil

Typical Specifications

Physical Form:                                                        Spray Dried 

TAPPI Brightness                                                       90.0 – 91.5 

ISO Brightness                                                        88.5 – 90.5 

Particle Size Distribution, % finer than 2           96 – 100 

Screen Residue,  (max., % > 44u)                               0.005 

Moisture, (max.) %                                                               1.5 

pH, (28% solids)                                                        6.0 – 8.0 

Brookfield Viscosity (max. at 70% solids) mPas       450 

Kaolin Clay for Paint
(Britex 95 & Britex 96)

Fast Traders is proud to be the market leader for supplying of Calcined Kaolin Clay for Paint Industries in Pakistan.

The delamination, calcination, and classification processes are used to create this line of Kaolin-based pigments. In order for the end user to obtain a high Hegman grind, the well-controlled methods guarantee that this series has no coarse particles and maintains an absolute minimum of 325 mesh residue. This series of pigments is used extensively in latex paint, powder coating, and electrophoresis coating and also has high brightness, powerful hiding powder, and exceptional dispersibility.

Its key advantages include:

  • Being the best extender of titanium dioxide with outstanding opacity, which may increase effectiveness and save costs by partially replacing titanium dioxide;  
  • It can easily disperse in water based systems;
  • It offers superfine particle and with excellent anti-settling property; It is inert to most acids and alkaline at ambient temperature and offers good anticorrosive capabilities.

Typical Specifications for Britex 95

Typical Specifications for Britex 96