Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide (50% & 35%)

Fast Traders is the proud to supply Hydrogen Peroxide in the Pakistan Market.  Hydrogen Peroxide is a very versatile industrial product with a plethora of uses.

  1. Pulp & Paper Industry – Bleaching of chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, and recycled pulp (de-inking).


  1. Food & Packaging Industry – As a sterilizing agent to clean and disinfect the inner surface of packaging material that would be in contact with food.


  1. Textile Bleaching – Removing stains and paint from the raw materials of your cloth.


  1. Oxidizing Agent During Chemical Synthesis – As an oxidizing agent, for dissolving in a wide range of organic solutes and to make nitric acid and sulphuric acid 


  1. Aseptic Processing – The liberated oxygen of hydrogen peroxide can oxidize the microbial cell wall, which leads to the instant elimination of these pests while killing all types of microbes. It is used to sterilize internal aseptic zones of machines.


  1. Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals – Used in the manufacturing of cosmetic and medicinal products and for manufacturing tinctures and wound cleaners (germ-killer).


  1. Sugar Industry (Bleaching) – Used heavily in sugar factories in whitening your sugar as it is cheaper than other Bleaching agents & is non-toxic.


  1. Disinfecting Farm Produce – Used for washing and cleaning crops, avoiding early spoilage and rotting of farm produce.


  1. Treating Wastewater – Used in cleaning as it not only disinfects water from numerous bacteria and germs, but it also reacts with and oxidizes harmful minerals like copper, zinc, and molybdenum present in the water.


  1. Cleaning Circuitry in the Electronics Industry – Used for oxidizing and cleaning different parts of electronic circuits and machinery. It is also used in the etching of printed circuit boards and semiconductors


  1. Mining – Used to remove impurities from Mining Materials

Origin: Korea

Typical Specifications for
Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Typical Specifications for
Hydrogen Peroxide 35%